Peopel Drown N Bathtubs Inside Covers

A printing venture set up by Big Daddy Mugglestone to publish and conserve his writings. First publication began in 2001, with a collective zine called Public Domane. Subsequent productions included Monk the Mike and early versions of the FUCKART antifesto.


People Drown N Bathtubs (2003)
People Drown N Bathtubs People Down N Bathtubs back cover

Described by Mugglestone as a failed hero's myth, PDNB takes a look at one man's struggle to reconcile his past while laying in his deathbed and stewing in his own self-inflicted traumas. The format of the text and pages further reveals the convolutions of intellectualism and individualism in an era of decline as the protagonist blends and distorts the varied realities to mask his own insecurities. (60 pages)

For a printed version please contact mugglestone at gmail dot com

or download full.pdf file here.

A Bible N Braille (2002)
Bible N Braille cover

A Bible N Braille combines some of Mugglestone's most poignant and honest writings with important sacred diagrams regarding the formations of life and the elements than can rupture or facilitate flow.  The book, conceived of as a travel guide, attempts a different way of looking at the conceptual world we create.  (32 page .pdf download)


FUCKART antifesto (2002)
FUCKART antifesto

Originally published as the companion to the A Bible N Braille, the FUCKART anitfesto is somehow an attack on mediocrity and the laziness of moden language. Jarbled snippets of black humor and pop vulturism.
(6 page booklet with promo CD) .pdf download of booklet