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Welcolme to VALIS Records
VALIS Records 101 (2004)

Kick off compilation featuring many of the friends and family of VALIS Records and The Mugglestone Heritage Foundation. Featuring many Denver greats (including the riots from Super Bowl XXXII, field recordings from Ghana and Mexico, and lots of bizarre extras from the collective archive).

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Tracks featuring BDM::>
Ne Mam Cas- Big Daddy Mugglestone from"Czech Yr Head and Yr Ass Will Follow" (VAL009)
The Original G.I.-G.I. JESUS
Anonymous Bosch-BDM remix with Littles Paia

Big Daddy Mugglestone/Prabu Estarius-
Tempest Mantra
VALIS Records 013 (2003)

Recorded in 1998, this 20 minute long piece showcases a time when BDM (drums) and Prabu (electric guitar) were recording their daily improv sessions. Tempest Mantra results from two 22.5 minute sets interwoven going both in normal and reversed directions. The mood is lackadaisical and melancholic, with lots of swelling cymbals and guitar melodies that chase eachother in and out of interest.

Tempest Mantra (18:22)


FUCKART antifesto
Promo Compilation (2001)

3" CD-R Promo Comp with 8 page antifesto written by Big Daddy Mugglestone. FUCKART was a short lived CD-R and tape label that Mugglestone founded in 2000, reissuing older BDM recordings and this anitfesto with a different CD-R compilation each time.

Memorable tracks include:

FUCKART song- Big Daddy Mugglestone with Littles Paia
Steppin Inna Babylon- Aaron and the Girls (BDM, Pisces Motherfucker, Littles P.)
Distant Memories- BDM Remix Archives


Anonymous Bosch/Big Daddy Mugglestone
FREE/FUCK (2001)

This split 3" CD-R was also included with the antifesto. The Anonymous Bosch tracks were remixes of the original tapes compiled by BDM and entitled FREE. The Mugglestone portion, FUCK, was an alleatoric remix using samples from burned CDs selected and mixed at random without audio output or consideration. Over 130 different artists are featured on the track, from Prince to Patsy Cline to Morton Sunbotnick and John Oswald.

FUCK- Big Daddy Mugglestone


Malaclypse Da Elda/Prabu Estarius/Big Daddy Mugglestone
Gods Collage (2002)
gods collage cover

A live installation piece involving 3 portable CD players moving around a mic suspended in an occilating fan. Utilizing many different sources, from Malaclypse Da Elda's field recordings in Africa to the sounds of narwhals, this 48 minute long ambient exploration is more tribute to the creator of sound than a musical composition.

Gods Collage (48 min)