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"The Highway When It's Cold At Night"

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Professor Mugglestone and the Science of Sexual Attraction - Hypnotherapy Tape Series

This series is dedicated to the harnessing and development of sexual identity and ego in a world culture where these roles have become convoluted both by the structures we have allowed to govern our own understandings and the urges and chemical responses latent within all of us. These guided tours allow one to explore the basic energetic principles that define our sexual lives while in the safety and comfort of one's own home. These tapes are not intended to boost sexual performance or to enhance sexual experience with another, but instead to help understand the energetic roots of our desires within our bodies and the alchemical pproperties of sexual arousal and awareness of the creator (self) before the creation (life).

Vol. I: Cultivating the Male Sexual Ego (available on cassette and mpfree early 2012)


remix archives vols. I & II
VAL-102 (2005)
remix cover

Over 9 years of work on this 2-CD set, originally released as VALIS Records 102. The Remix Archive series is dedicated to the preservation of early analog sound experiments made by Mugglestone after the secret magic of magnetic tape was revealed to him in 1995.

"The New Now" (disc 2) was originally released as one-of-a-kind CD-R in 2000.

Click here for the original liner notes and a rare interview with Floyd Kramer where Mugglestone expounds upon the varied approaches utilized in his remix processes from this period.

Disc 1:
01. Kryon Intro
02. Electronische Musik
03. The Magician Waves His Hand and the Sky Fills with Birds
04. Hip-Hip>Fast Fats
05. Puzzle Piece #1
06. Teenage Boy
07. Cirquestrated 1
08. Slovak Chop
09. Schoenberg
10. Cirquestrated 2
11. Pisces Motherfucker and Big Daddy Unite in Heaven
12. Message of Misuse
13. Starz (loud)
14. Hu'er
15. Circular Breathing vol. II
16. Velvet Keys
17. Afrique Suite part 1
18. Afrique Suite part 2
19. Devotion
20. Pianoween
21. Hypgnosis

Disc 2:

1. Education
2. 1st Date
3. Failed Ascension
4. Birth Trauma
5. The Adjustment
6. Failed Ascension #2
7. The Search
8. Motorcycle on the Highway
9. Portrait of Lonliness
10. Standing Underneath a Waterfall