Big Daddy Mugglestone and His Cheap Paper Toys

yr looks never land on me (val-4502)

yr looks never land on  me

1st 2 albums (val-017)

big daddy mugglestone 1st 2 albums

czech yr head and yr ass will follow (val-009)

big daddy mugglestone czech yr head and yr ass will follow

mbira songs (2010)

mbira cover

  1. Mbira Warm-up Song (mbira dzavadzimu solo)
  2. Mbira Medley (mbira dzavadzimu solo)
  3. Mbira Childhood Hocket (layered mbira dzavadzimu)

raw capella demos

  1. Service w/ a Smile (featured onSOPA Deliciosa Compilation)
  2. Dsire Gave Birth 2 Thought (raw capella chorus)
  3. Rest N Space (raw capella chorus)
  4. Do Not Make Me a Memory (raw capella chorus)


The Mugglestone Revue

feat. margareth kammerer (val-4501)

revue cover



s/t (val-4503)



Professor Mugglestone and SSA

remix archives (val-001)

big daddy mugglestone remix archives vols. 1 & 2

tempest mantra (val-007)

big daddy mugglestone/ prabu estarius- tempest mantra

other analog remixes



mother's day

assdroids mother's day

daddy's gone (cock rock disco 2006)

assdroids- daddy's gone


Solo Drums/Beats&Samples (.wav)

aaron at the drums


Other Projects