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Aaron Snyder, aka Big Daddy Mugglestone, stepped into the world in 1981.  His Anorvalestian, Colorado, home life took a dramatic turn when for his 13th birthday he received a Fostex 4-track recorder.  1994's s/t release "Big Daddy Mugglestone and his Cheap Paper Toys" featured the young crooner crafting farcical fantasy-laden tracks mainly with vocals and drums.  Times were getting crazy, and Big Daddy was growing up fast, playin in Jazz combos and making tape manipulated remixes of improv sessions many of which are now featured on the Valis Records release 'Mugglestone Remix Archives Vols. I & II'.  

Mugglestone then landed at Indiana University where he polished his passionate interest in Ethnomusicology/Folklore after working and studying in Africa and Asia in 2000.  These academic years brought about the first publications from the Mugglestone Family Trust, including 'The FUCKART antifesto' and 'Bible N Braille', both from 2002.  

'Czech Yr Head and Yr Ass Will Follow' (2003) was the result of Big Daddy's first taste of Europe, living in Prague and writing 'People Drown N Bathtubs' (as Guardant Mugglestone).  Returning home, The Mugglestone Omni-Corp decided to open up shop as VALIS Records, reissuing 'Tempest Mantra' (with Prabu Estarius) and the first 2 solo records as well as the double disk archives series and The Assdroids 'For the First Time' (with Pisces Motherfucker). 

In 2005, Mugglestone relocated to Berlin and has expanded the empire to include 'The Mugglestone Revue' (his tribute ot the best songs and singers of old), 'The Mugglestone Jubillee Singers' (the back woods futurist preacher), 'Mugglestone Hi-Fi' (blog and DJ service), and 'Professor Mugglestone and The History of Science' (experimental physics meets low tech electronics), so that now more than ever the Mugglestone brand can meet the changing demands of preapocalyptic culture. 

For small club bookings::> mugglestone at gmail dot com
For festival or tour bookings (Europe)::> christoph at planetrock-booking dot de

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for the press/web descriptions:

Big Daddy Mugglestone (USA) has no body, just a voice. He lives eats and fucks through this voice, and this voice takes him all over the world. The king of Raw-Capella sings his songs accompanied only by the audience and the snap of his finger. The songs range from sweet and sad gospel songs, to virtuosic jazz/cabaret numbers that dig deep into the dirt to throw it back at the sky. He has been hailed as "Prince meets Dean Martin in a back woods church" by Lush Magazine, and he will make you feel good about feeling so bad.


Big Daddy Mugglestone, born to a bible-bred family in the west of the new world, has been a philip (horse lover) ever since his father taking him to the horse track every Saturday at a young age. He developed a taste for bad whiskey and fast horses that slowly drew him into juniors competitions starting at the age of 15. Condemned by his colleagues for his unorthodox equestrian methodologies, Mugglestone continues to stun audiences and the traditions of the sport with stunts and jumps that no horse and man have ever accomplished. His most recent feat, 'jump over the candlestick', named for the line in the children's fable, involves him jumping over a 3 meter wide by 2.5 meter high flame. When he performed it at the famed Glastonbury festival last spring the fear and awe of the audience was palpable. In his spare time he works in his banana tree arboretum and kills cats that wander through the back door.

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Big Daddy Mugglestone, famed occultist and travel writer, began his career at the tender age of 5 when he first came into contact with the so-called ‘spiritual world’ at his aunt's house outside of Anorvalestian, Colorado.  He heard a voice telling him to seek out only the most pure souls to construct a bridge across the mirror that separates us from the recognition of a complete self.  He started to sing to drown out that noise, and it still works.