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Big Daddy Mugglestone (USA) has no body, just a voice.  He lives eats and fucks through this voice, and this voice takes him all over the world.  The king of Raw-Capella sings his songs accompanied only by the audience and the snap of his finger.  The songs range from sweet and sad gospel songs, to virtuosic jazz/cabaret numbers that dig deep into the dirt to throw it back at the sky.  He has been hailed as "Prince meets Frank Sinatra in a back woods church" by Lush Magazine, and he will make you feel good about feeling so bad.

"BDM combines the spirit of the street preacher with that of the court fool. His performance draws the audience into participation by allowing them into his warped psyche and forcing them to decide what is acting and what is pure egoism. The antics and hysterics may distract (and annoy) some, but his ability to bear his soul and sing meaningful anthems makes the night memorable."
--Cloe LaFontaine, Performance Nightly Feb. 2009


yr looks never land on me 7"
yr looks never land on  me

Yr Looks Never Land on Me / Don't Follow Yr Shadow

First BDM solo release in over 10 years! Issued on limited edition 7" vinyl (VAL-4502).

Big Daddy Mugglestone- vox, drums, guitar
Ian Douglas-Moore- guitar
Brian Kiel- bass
Suki Osman- angel choir on "don't follow yr shadow"


mbira songs (2009)
mbira songs cover

"This thing is so addictive its like a PSP from the Stone Age."

Big Daddy Mugglestone's solo mbira dzavadzimu songs harken back to the age old tradition of circular storytelling and combine it with a somewhat naive simplicity and personal comfort. These rich recordings of Mugglestone's own compostions reflect his daily musings and attempts to sculpt the melodies through different rhythms and textures. Recorded by TiTo, September 2009.

Warm-up Song (solo)
Mbira Dzavadzimu Medley (solo)
Childhood Hocket (2 layers)


1st 2 Albums (1994-1995)
1st 2 albums

Recorded on a Fostex 4-track in Anorvalestian, Colorado, in 1994/95, when BDM was a mere puppy. Originally released on cassette, both albums reissued on CD (VALIS Records 017). Everything from catchy pop songs (a la Ween) to interwoven vocal improvisations to Big Daddy playing "Hall of the Mountain King" while reading Goethe and a car maintenance guide spliced with the E.T. soundtrack. Includes rare second album outtakes that have never been heard before.

Big Daddy Mugglestone::> vox, drums, piano, trumpet, tapes, toys, magnets, etc.

1st Album
01-to wemple
02-voices part 1
03-the door within
04-spectracolor mugglestone
05-kerchoo, kerchoo
06-voices 2
07-liquid paper medley
08-quashy quagmire
09-round fable
10-central aaronizer
11-islamic rituals
12-high output in a normal position
13-i'm trying
14-the woodpecker of life
15-that's it, franky

2nd Album
16-serpentine filler dance mix
18-it's gotta weigh
19-high volume superstardom
20-very important
21-Nspecific Munity
22-carrying capacity
24-filthy magistrate
25-getting around
27-shucky darn
28-captain howdy


czech yr head and yr ass will follow (2002)
cz cover

This release (VALIS Records 012) compiles different tracks from Big Daddy's jaunt to Prague in Fall of 2002, providing a mocking glimpse into the good soldier svejk we all know and love.  With Czech garage punk, twisted electro-pop men's choral music, different field recordings including the bathroom in Hlavni Nadrazi, this album gets it all into 3" of compact disc.  Includes a 12 page booklet featuring Big Daddy's Czech poetry along with writings of Marketa P. 

(Click here for .pdf version of booklet)

Big Daddy Mugglestone::> vox, drums, guitar, beats, tapes
Nesso::> piano
Elle Noir::> vox

Czech Yr Head and Yr Ass Will Follow
01-dobry večer
02-ne mam cas
03-ne jsem lumir
04-bila labut'
06-better than sex